Be it in the early morning or at late night, don’t late your taste buds suffer from their needs, as Yaseen Hotel is there to present in front of you, the delicacies of the sea.

Visiting Trivandrum and not having a taste of the delicious seafood is like letting the diamonds slip out of your hands!

Trivandrum is a place where nature meets history, where land meets the sea, and where culture meets the cuisine. Here, the air is loaded with different, delicious aromas of some incredible foods, which will lure you to the various dens, otherwise known as the restaurants.

But, in a place which is so close to the sea, the most famous cuisine will be the one including the seafood. After all, this particular cuisine is almost as famous as Newton or Einstein. Be it crab or oyster, the taste is marvelous, especially if that is coming from the expert hands of chefs of Yaseen Hotel.

A man named Abdul Rahman laid the historical root around twenty-five years ago, as a recreational place for the fishermen. However, as time passed and days transformed into years, this restaurant became the heart of the seafood delicacies.

If you want to know, why this place is so eminent in the restaurant circle, then first you have to visit this place. And then, you have to pamper your taste buds with the Konchu fry, Chippy fry, Neymeen fry, Choora curry and so on. Amidst the endless dishes, Konchu and the Chippy fries add exquisiteness to the cuisine’s ambiance.

So, don’t wait for any longer moment and visit this incredible eatery for calming your insatiable hunger for the seafood.


Vizninjam Harbour

Ring at?


Must try

Konchu fry, Chippy fry, Neymeen fry


4 AM to 1 AM

Parking space

There is parking space available.


Crowded and but the ambiance is quite ethereal, especially with the limited space of the hotel.