A restaurant making a mark in the pages of history with just one item- Crispy and fluffy porottas with crispy fried chicken! Isn’t that way beyond comprehension? Yes! That is Afsal, Vizhinjam for you! A restaurant that defied standards and proved that just one dish served with exemplary taste can make all other restaurants serving multiple cuisines run for their money! Situated at Vizhinjam near to the rushing waves and scenic beauty of Kovalam, this place is a must try whenever you visit Kovalam! This restaurant is thronged by customers from all parts of the state from evening till night. The crispy, flaky and fluffy porottas with spicy, flavor locked and crispy chicken fry will make your heart and tummies full!

The lingering smells in this restaurant gushes of serving people from all walks of life for over twenty years! The restaurant was started by a Amir Khan, a passionate foodie intending to serve tourists and residents near Kovalam. One whole chicken is divided into four parts and is marinated with flavorsome masalas. It is then kept for some time for the masalas to ooze within the succulent chicken pieces. Then it is coated with chilly seeds just before frying to add a crunch and dash of spice to the chicken pieces. This tangy yet spicy dish is served with unbelievably thin porottas that can be easily torn off with one finger. Soft drinks are served along with the porotta and chicken fry as you are sure to reach out for a refreshing sip after indulging in a spicy, tangy and palatable delight.

Even though the restaurant is a small one, the number of families frequenting this eatery is sure to leave you surprised.  A small dining space is also set for such families. Another specialty of this restaurant is that it has an open kitchen. Every dish is prepared live in front of the customers. There is also a parcel counter which serves customers without much delays. The restaurant only marinates a specific number of chicken pieces every day, and it will pull down the shutters and close for the day once the marinated pieces are finished. So, if you are a chicken lover who would love to try something unique, then step into Afsal, Vizhinjam!


Vizhinjam, Opposite side of H.P Petrol Pump, Trivandrum. While traveling from Kovalam to Kanyakumari, the restaurant can be seen on your left side just 2 kilometers from Kovalam.

Ring At



Evening 5 pm to 11 pm

Must Try

Porotta and Chicken Fry are the only, and must-try delicacies served here!

Parking Facilities

None. You can park your vehicle in the adjacent roadsides. 


A small restaurant that serves lip-smacking porottas and chicken.

Seating Arrangements

A large dining hall with plastic chairs and tables. A small family dining area nearby.


Non-Vegetarian Only!