The traditional tales of ‘Ammaveedu’ is part and parcel of the Kerala heritage. The young consorts of the royal Travancore Maharajas in the royal families at Trivandrum were accommodated at luxurious homes which were just on the outskirts of the palace gates. From there, they were taught the artistic graces and social interactions befitting the royal privileges of Panampillai Amma. The Panampillai Amma refers to the royal consort, or rather the royal queen of Travancore. These residences or veedus which were built to train young dames to learn the nuances of royalty were called Ammaveedus. These magnificent palaces were often filled with music, dance, and art of various forms. By the end of the nineteenth century, just four sprawling Ammaveedu’s remained. Among these 4, the Arumana Ammaveedu was later rechristened as the present-day Villa Maya. Villa Maya stands tall whispering tales of royal heritage, their walls resonating the melodious tunes of royal music, the clink of dance anklets, and hushed giggles of dames. The striking architecture leaves you spellbound. The Pan Indian cuisine leaves you flattered!

The dining area of Villa Maya is unlike any other restaurant you might have ever seen. The 18th century, palatial villa sprawls its regal tales with lush green gardens, gurgling crystal clear azure waters, sparkling ponds home to wide variety of beauteous fishes, and much more! The property seems to lure you to take a look around the royal heritage before you sit down for a sumptuous cuisine. The courtyard basks in the golden rays of the sun with cozy nooks for you to dine and gaze in awe at the golden rays. The dining spaces are curtained by lush green palms, flowering temple trees, and ferns. Gothic chandeliers, royal wood staircases, and limestone masonry seem to spell royalty in every nook and corner.

The menu of Villa Maya, frequented by celebrities, tourists and the local clientele is a multi-cuisine themed one. The Chettinad Meen Varuval has no qualms to sit near Smoked Salmon Tartare happily. Yes! That is the mixed cuisine specialty of Villa Maya! Within the last five years, Villa Maya has grabbed the spot of being the number one dining extravaganza of Trivandrum! If you are planning to visit the place, it is better to get your reservations, especially during dinner hours. Be it the excellent spread of seafood platter, or the spicy Chettinad varieties; Villa Maya leaves you spoilt for choices. The spicy yet succulent konju ularthiyathe makes you drool for more. The squid rings bathed in pepper and salt reminds your taste buds of rich Kerala cuisines’ heritage.

Then comes the extensive collection of desserts which is based on the ‘world travel’ theme. The melt in mouth Gulab Jamun Panna Cotta and the delectable Apricot Churros treats your taste buds to absolute goodness. The chocolate coffee fudge with hot luscious caramel sauce dripping down is any chocolate lover’s dream come true. The seductive Wattalappam, a Sri Lankan classic specialty is a drool-worthy combination of caramel custard with a dash of palm jaggery.

A stunning marvel, rich in heritage, rich in architecture, rich in sumptuous cuisines opens its palatial gates for you to see, marvel and relish a royal treat!


Airport Road, Injakkal, West Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695 008

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Pure Royalty! Step inside and be awestruck!

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Sprawling dining halls greet you to pure ecstasy!

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Yes! After all, it is our Travancore Heritage! The royalty sprawls through large courtyards!