Varkala is a calm and peaceful hamlet, located on the outskirts of the Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala, India. It is quite much of an ideal holiday destination in Kerala for the tourists who want to spend a peaceful and ambient vacation at the same time. Presumed to be one of the top ten seasonal beaches in the world by discovery channel, this beach has absolutely stunning beauty of landscapes, brown sand, and sea, altogether providing an unforgettable experience for the visitors. Apart from that Varkala has a 2000-year-old Vishnu Temple and the pilgrimage centre of Sivagiri Mutt.

Also known as to be the Papanasam beach, located at 10 kilometres away from Varkala, is quite popular for its natural spring that is considered to have medicinal and healing properties. A dip in the holy waters at this beach is said to purify human body from impurities as well as the soul which is how the name called Papanasam was put into use.

Varkala beach is also quite known for adventures like swimming, windsurfing, parasailing and sunbathing which makes it the favourite spot for these sport lovers. Peppered with spas and Ayurvedic massage centres that offer holistic practices, great for rejuvenating the mind and body, Varkala is actually great for recreational activities as well. The most eye-catching sunset can be enjoyed from visiting here and it’s also the only place in Southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea.

A two thousand-year-old shrine of Janardanaswamy Temple stands on the cliffs overlooking the beach, just a short distance away at the entrance of the beach road. It is the only temple in the country where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in the form of Janardhana.  The Sivagiri Mutt, founded by Kerala’s great religious reformer and philosopher Sree Narayana Guru (1856 – 1928) is also close by. The final resting place of the Guru here attracts thousands of devotees every year during the Sivagiri Pilgrimage that happens every year between  December 30 to January 1.

Holidaying in Varkala leaves a remarkable impression in the minds of the visitor and as there are numerous attractions that flock large numbers of tourist from all over the world. Summing up, it’s a wonderful destination to chill out and revitalize your senses at famous Ayurvedic massage centers available in many resorts here in Varkala.