If you are asked what is the favourite food of Kerala, you will surely reply without batting an eyelid that it is porotta and beef! Crispy, flaky porottas with a bite of melt in mouth, spicy and flavour locked beef can make any Keralite go weak on his knees! Thus is the love for this paradisiacal combo.

Trivandrum is the heavenly land of drool-worthy delicacies since time immortal and Good Morning hotel is one of the reasons Trivandrum gets this title!

 A visit to the city isn’t complete without having a scrumptious breakfast at the ‘Good Morning Fast Food’ center. Even the air over there whiffs in the aroma of hot, flaky porottas and appetizing beef. The aroma which no Keralite can ever say ‘No’ to!

 ‘Good Morning Fast Food’ satiates your hunger be it the dawn or dusk!

Trivandrum, being theprime city of Kerala is also known as the ‘land of spices.’ And the city has seen its share of history and tales that entirely influence its culture. Putting two and two together, finally, parallelism can be drawn- Trivandrum divulges in a multifarious menu of mouth-watering delicacies, hailing from a different culture. And in such a land, Good Morning hotel is like the oasis for the starving tourists who want to savor the flavor of Kerala food. The redolence of delicacies that are escalloped in this restaurant will entice you into its food castle of delectable delights.

The eatery isn’t something which you can deem perfect for having a luxurious dine out. But, that hasn’t lessened the glory of this small restaurant. Serving some of the most delicious dishes, the restaurant has managed to outshine many other high-class dining places. After all, it is the richness of the spices and the incredibility of the taste that has won hearts of not only the locals but also of the tourists.

The duo of a father and son runs this restaurant, where their marvelous hands continuously create magical foods. The moment you put a morsel in your mouth, you will be teleported to an all new different place, where all you will know is ecstasy. Such is the heart-warming taste of the dishes cooked in Good Morning Fast Food restaurant!

Though an ordinary eating center, it has marked a firm foothold over the Trivandrum cuisine, especially with its famous dish of crispy and flaky porotas with spicy beef along the accompaniment of hot sulaimani. They say if you haven’t tasted the porotta and beef combo of Good Morning hotel, then you can never claim to have known the real taste of porotta and beaf.  The fluffy hot coin porottas with enticing beef filled with chunks of sizeable portions of succulent beef is the specialty of this hotel. Finish it off with a drool-worthy sulaimani with the flavours of ginger giving it a mesmerizing flavour that makes you ask for another cup. Another famous dish is the toothsomebeef roast, which you can have as a standalone dish also. The soft pieces of meat will melt in your mouth, giving you a moment to cherish the taste of the thick and spicy gravy. Huddled up together around the single table and enjoying the hot-hot dishes serving right away after preparation is one of the premium experiences. After all, life isn’t about experiencing the luxury of money. Sometimes, it is also about enjoying the company of crowds and small confines.

The ambiance of the place isn’t too peaceful, owing to its location. But none can deny the thrill of having the food with other people and enjoying the view of the outside.

Rest assured, the place isn’t just famous for serving food. It is popular for the felicitousness  in the modest dishes it serves. It guarantees to pamper your taste buds like none other until your heart and tummy brim with contentment.


Kunchalummoodu in Karamana junction

Ring at?


Must try

Roasted beef with parotha, Sulaimani tea


5 AM to 9 PM

Parking space

There is no parking space available.


Crowded and hence, you won’t experience the cacophonous silence. But, a heart-warming morning is assured.

Seating arrangements

A single table with ten to fifteen chairs is there in the restaurant.