Vizhinjam is a small and glittering coastal town located just at a 3 km point from kovalam, which is an in vogue beach destination in Trivandrum for any kind of traveler. It is quite manifested for the natural sea port of the south India adjoining the international ship route where major transhipments are depleted enduringly. The areas besides Vizhinjam are well-known for their state-of-the-art ayurvedic treatment centers, luxury spas and internationally acclaimed beach resorts.

Located within the Thiruvananthapuram metropolitan area, also as it’s a natural port, it is estimated that at least 50% of the nearly 20,000 ships that pass through the renowned Suez canal every year would anchor right here in vizhinjam. The port apparently will upgrade the trading capacity of the country as a whole  and it is anticipated that with the functioning of the port in full exemption, the main ports of Colombo, Singapore and Dubai might face serious competition from India.

As the sea is 23 to 27 metres deep at the selected site, this will effectively facilitate berthing of large container ships. Conforming to expert opinion, a high potential for a new port is being seen as India is going to need additional capacity in the near future. Hence the merit and significance of Vizhinjam port. The state government is upbeat with rail and road connectivity to here and has trustfully set aside an amount of Rs 450 crore for this purpose.

The word on a billboard in the street or rather, on online food forums, is that you ain’t had seafood until you’ve had it from Hotel in vizhinjam which essentially exemplifies sea food. So, with hungry stomachs and mouths watering in anticipation of an ethnic treat, we set off in search of this very eatery out in the boondocks in Vizhinjam.

Important spots:

  • Vizhinjam fishing harbour: This place is also called as the Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour where hundreds of fishing boats arrive in dawn till dusk and vice versa even with loads of different fishes according to time depending to day or night. If you are a self cooking person, you can enjoy a variety of fresh fishes from this market. Fishes from small boats are fresher than the ones from the bigger ones.
  • Vizhinjam marine aquarium(Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium ): Imagine witnessing any shape you can think of in your mind being inculcated into the centre of a beautiful oyster, resulting in the formation of a brand new pearl for real. The Image Pearl Technique at Vizhinjam Maritime Aquarium does explicitly that using shell cement.

One can see a variety of species here namely the angelfish, clown fish,seahorses, box fish, cow fish, eels and wrasses are among the exotic beings seen here. A reef tank with a random array of corals is yet another attraction here. One also gets a close look at some of the mysteries of marine life at this unique haven.

Visiting Hours: Open every day from 09:00 AM- 5:00 PM.

Fees:  Adult – Rs. 20/-, Children: aged 4 -14 : Rs.10/-

  • Another major attractions of this unique place is ‘Christ the redeemer’ statue that resembles the one in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil while it isn’t as big as the brazilian one and has its dimensions in accordance to the number of years Jesus Christ lived(33 years). It is completely a graceful one with arms spread across and looking down at the port and is something that is not supposed to be missed out if you are going by.
  • Just like the statue of the Christ in Vizhinjam, there’s also a beautiful mosque located near busy Vizhinjam fishing harbour at a distance of 3 km from Kovalam, in the district of Thiruvananthapuram in Indian state of Kerala. It is situated right at the edge of a cliff overseeing the Arabian Sea. The place is blessed with the presence of three main religions, and namely–Hinduism, Islamism and Christianity.