Are you the typical Malayalee who would love to eat food three or even four times a day on fresh plantain leaves? Do you drool at the sight of fresh fish crispy fried in flavorsome masala coating? Then, Deyvee, Kaithamukku is a must visit spot for you! Known for its deep fried, spicy fish varieties, Deyvee never fails to impress the fish lovers who throng the place from morning till night.

Step into this small yet well-known restaurant which captured the hearts of Trivandrum city effortlessly!The restaurant speaks of decades of service and lip-smacking recipes that keeps Trivandrum flocking inside to relish the magical dishes. You will be greeted with a broad smile by the owner, Shasheendran Nair, a man devoted to serving hundreds of appetites every day! Ask him what makes his restaurant stand out from the rest, the modest soul shrugs off the query saying there is no such secret recipe like that! He then quips that maybe the fact that we use only natural products and freshly ground masala makes our dishes flavor locked! The simplicity and modesty in his words reflect the goodness of food served over here more than anything else!

Crispy Fried Tuna Fry, Fluffy Porottas And Spicy Chicken Fry Leave You Craving For More!

If you ever visit Deyvee, never miss the crispily fried tuna dry, fluffy and crisp porotta and spicy chicken fry over here! The restaurant overflows with food lovers during noon time. Fresh green cleaned and washed plantain leaves are spread out in front of you, and piping hot rice is served. Next comes finger-licking good coconut chutney, spicy masala curry, and freshly made cabbage thoran. Flavorsome sambar and heavenly dal follow. Crispy fried tuna fish comes next served from large steel bowls. The choice of fish can vary according to the availability. The tuna remains tender inside with a rich spicy and crunchy coating on the outside. The squid fry, a yummy and soft bite with a mild dash of spices are also one of the specialties at Deyvee. Finish it off with a bowl of soft and mashed tapioca topped with spicy orange-hued fish gravy! Bite into crunchy choora fry along with the tapioca to experience the best flavors in town!

In the evenings, Deyvee serves you with crispy and fluffy porottas, hot soft appam, chicken fry, thoran, and perattu. The chicken fry at Deyvee is famous for its crispy coating and spicy flavors. Try out the natholi fry, soft dosa and chapathi too. Everything is way beyond perfection and tastes heavenly! Another specialty of Deyvee is that you can easily get a meal for two with generous servings of chicken and fish at just Rs.200/- 


Nalumukku, Kaithamukku, Trivandrum. Pin- 695024


7.30 am to 10 pm. Sundays closed.