Succulent Beef, flaky coin porotta and Sulaimani – Good Morning Fast Food

Stepping back and whiffing the aroma of good old Trivandrum city and the delectable cuisines over here is a dream come true for a person like me who has to leave behind my roots in pursuit of professional goals. So, the moment I stepped back on the soil, the first name that popped up in my soul was the “Good Morning Hotel,” what can be a better start to my day than delving into every Malayalee’s pride, the paradisiacal combo- porotta and beef fry! And, Good Morning never lets you down! If you have not yet tried out Good morning Hotel’s fluffy, crispy and soft coin porottas with beef, then you are missing an ethereal treat that words can fall short even to explain. The chunks of melt in mouth beef in a spicy entrancing gravy can make you drool and crave for more. The coin porottas are served hot, fluffy, crispy. Just a bite and the flavors rupture in your taste buds with an empyrean feel that is nonpareil. Finish it off with the appetizing Sulaimani brimming with the flavors of ginger, and you reach a level of euphoria no scrumptious meal can ever offer! 

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