Brisk changes in the way of life are deleting certain common dialects from the dictionary of Malayalis. But Trivians choose to differ from the rest and still hold on to their local language and dialects. Here a common conversation is not considered complete without the usage of these special words which reflect the culture and nostalgic warmth of Trivandrum. Here are some most utilized Trivandrum Slangs

Enthar: ‘Entharu’ simply means what. No matter wherever you are,once in a day we all will use this term unknowingly or knowingly.

Moda: One of the most used common slang by Trivandrum lads. Moda simply means Show-off. 

Kalip: Another popular term widely use throughout Trivandrum. The meaning of the word ‘Kalip’ depends upon the situation. It can be used to express your anger, displeasure and on the other hand to praise something as exquisite, unique, gorgeous etc

+ve : Kalipp look anallo

-ve : Avide kalipp nadakunnu, kalip akume 

Thenj: You can relate the word to Duped, Scammed, Conned.

Alamb : One of most favourite word for trivians when they got annoyed by somebody. Alamb kanikalle dey Simply means stop annoying. Pretty cool right?

Pela : Trivians call the proud Police Department of kerala ‘Pela’. 

Cherayal: Don’t stare at anyone for too long if you are at Trivandrum.If you do so they will surely come and ask you “enthara cherayanathu”

Chella: Chella refers to cheek. It is the most commony word used amongst friends and youngsters. Eg: Chella adichu pottikkum

Appi: Don’t think of it as an offensive term if you are at Trivandrum. Appi is just a synonym for buddy or dude

Kirukkan: A term used to call your crazy buddy or somebody who behaves crazily.