Trivandrum city has been witnessing a food revolution for quite some time. With pioneer eateries of all types quickly making their mark on the Trivandrum food map, an Italian pizza joint remained a lacuna unfilled till early 2018.

Then came SIJIS PIZZA STREET serving Italian wood-fired pizzas to tantalize the taste buds of pizza lovers of the town. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main city roads, Sijis Pizza Street beckons you with the warmth and crispiness of freshly baked pizzas that make you drool!

Your pizza experience begins in the bylane of around 40 yards that leads to the pizzeria, which has benches that speak tales of Pizza love. The walls behind it are adorned with attractive pizza graffitis which it makes the ideal spot for some eye-catchy selfies!

As you approach the entrance to the pizzeria, you can catch a glimpse of the traditional Italian oven and expert chefs baking pizzas to perfect crispiness such that each bite transports you to sublime ecstasy! The aroma of melting cheese in the air triggers your taste buds which would now start craving for that first bite into the cheesy and crispy ambrosia!

The dining area is quite cozy and seems to beckon you with the aroma of pizza that lingers through the air. You might have to wait a bit to get your seats all thanks to the huge acceptance of this eatery by the trivandrumites. But, if the wait is worth every millisecond, you just can’t complain!

The thin crust crispy edged pizzas are baked to perfection in the wood-fired oven. It goes well with the tangy tomato sauce and the high-quality cheese that makes you drool! The top-quality ingredients used in every pizza baked hot right out of their oven makes it a class apart from other pizzas in town.

The menu is a pure delight to both the vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Make your choice from a vast selection of 15 types of pizzas in each category. This is also the only pizzeria that spoils the visitors for choices in Trivandrum! It would be a difficult task to berry pick one or two pizzas and recommend them as each one of them are unique gems in their own right.

Customers praise volumes about the Barbecue chicken, Hot chicken, and cheesy chicken pizza. The middle east pizza which has well-marinated chicken chunks and jalapenos with a tinge of tahini sauce is definitely the most loved among their signature dishes.

The beef lovers cannot miss the firecracker pizza. They have options with tuna, prawns and other fish too. The Chickeney pizza with chicken -chunks, ham, and salami make it a chicken lovers favorite choice. And then comes pizza street special non-veg pizza which is definitely the king of all the non-veg pizzas and one of the most ordered one too.

Veg lovers also have a fine spread to choose from. Kick-starting with something as simple as vegan pizza to pizza street special veg pizza, every pizza puts a smile on the customer’s face and makes their taste buds crave for more. The veg 360, fungi and hello jalapeno pizzas deserve special accolades.

They also offer a wide variety of mojitos and shakes. With quite a lot of starter options, they offer finger-licking good burgers, sandwiches, and pasta to go with it.

But pizza is the priority for every customer who steps in at Sijis to have a bite of cheesy, crispy pizzas which makes them drool! The customers also have ‘unofficially’ tagged it as the best pizzeria in town! Many people who never had any special liking for pizza are now reconsidering their priorities and have hopelessly fallen for Sijis Pizzas! Young or old, every customer has a tale of culinary satisfaction to share at Sijis!

After 6pm, the rush kicks in, and it would be a good idea to pre-book or pre-order for takeaways. They also deliver to nearby areas. The pizzeria is quickly gaining popularity by the word of mouth publicity alone. The place is pocket friendly, and the staff is ever so courteous.

If you still have not yet visited Sijis Pizza Street, then you are missing something that is drool-worthy to the core in every single bite!  Dash to this hidden gem which is definitely worth your time and money!


  1. Located in a by-lane opposite the TENNIS COMPLEX, Kumarapuram.
  2. Opposite post office Thycaud

Seating Arrangements

1.Cozy dining area which can accommodate around 28 people

2. Multi storey building which can accommodate around 70 people


Noon to 11 p.m.

Parking Facilities


Ring at