Be it lunch or dinner; no meal will be luscious without the incorporation of the chicken dishes. But sometimes, it is not possible to get the address of the hotel with a menu where the dishes are chicken-centric. However, the Open House Kitchen has something else to say, especially when it is exactly what you need to satisfy your craving for the chicken dishes.

Cravings are hard to satiate, especially when it involves the undying cravings of your growling stomach and desperate eyes.

Established to serve quality foods to both the locals and the tourists in Trivandrum, this restaurant is a high-quality dining place in terms of the taste of the dishes. Though the restaurant doesn’t have polished floors or ebonite wooden chairs, the ambiance of the restaurant is apt for having a heartfelt dinner. The hotel is small in size undoubtedly, but you will never find the kitchen empty and without any customer.

The entire dining space is divided into sections- the larger one is meant for dining with families and friends while the other one is meant for those who stand in the long queue waiting to have the takeouts. The queue for the takeouts outnumbers the queue for the guests waiting to dine out in the restaurant.

Chicken is the specialty of this restaurant as you will find most of the dishes revolving around this raw ingredient. Starting from chicken Chettinad to the chili chicken, you will get a variety of dishes at the Open House Kitchen. The chili chicken and the paratha are the best items that you can relish in, owing to the special blend of the spices and the fresh meat. In this Chinese dish, the gravy is made a bit spicy that seems to be perfect with the paratha.

You can also try out the pepper chicken where the dominating flavor is that of the pepper. Once you take a bite of the chicken, your taste buds will feel overwhelmed with the blended taste of the hand-picked pepper grains. Its taste is so heartfelt that most people order this dish as a takeaway. Apart from the chicken, you will get fish dishes though the number is less.

In earlier days, the restaurant used to serve beef too. However, now, the ingredient is not included in the menu owing to the contribution of the restaurant to the protest against the crime of slaughtering the cattle.


Kunnumpuram, Trivandrum


12 AM to 10 PM



 ambient rooms.

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