Stepping on the soils of Anandhapadmanabha, each speck of soil will tell you tales of heritage, rich cultures, customs and diversity of religions. As you dwell deeper in its rich heritage, you come across amazing tales of Uzhamalaykal Amma and Thekinkaala Maha Vishnu. Trivandrumites would swear by their traditions and beliefs and would never forget their cultural integrity whatever perils life throws at them. The long-lost tales of beliefs and customs stay imbibed in the hearts of every Trivandrumite, and they hold on it like their lifeline itself.

As you take a sneak peek into the Kulappada Jamath, the adhans of worship that echoes through the air wakes up the crimson furls of dusk to its full glory. The dusk looks down and is greeted by the illuminations of reverence lit by nilvilakku (the metal Kerala lamp in aureate hues) in each and every home that bows down to the supreme power of divinity. Though the times have changed the way we think, act and believe, the youth of Trivandrum still holds strong to their cultural heritage like a prized possession they can never depart from. The world can pick a cue from these young souls who stay rooted to tradition even when they achieve success and grow up in the lap of technological advancements.

The drool-worthy cuisines of Trivandrum also hold on to the traditions, age-old recipes and goodness of freshly cooked food. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons Trivandrum is well-known all over Kerala are the home of tastes and flavours. SambhuShankaran Hotel, one of the eateries which stay rooted to traditional tastes, freshly ground spices and flavours that make you awestruck is undoubtedly one of the names that leave a lasting impression in your hearts and taste buds. The hotel had been serving dollops of love and lip-smacking relishes ever since the past thirty years in the rich soils of Anandhapdmanabha.

The hotel was known by the name Sandhya in the beginning days and later it was renamed as SambhuShankaran Hotel. The name was derived from the names of Sambhu and Shankaran, two little brothers, the grandsons who stole the heart of the culinary specialist who heads over the eatery. Coming to the delicacies served over here, you cannot afford to mix the ambrosial flavours of naadan kozhithoran. Just scoop a spoonful, and you will inevitably fall heads over heels in love with its flavours. Cooked in the heat of traditional wood chulha, the kozhithoran along with steaming hot rice and mashed up tapiocas makes the perfect lunch that slips you back to the nostalgic tastes of the food served with heaps of love by your grandmother. To top it off, add a spoonful of spicy and tangy wild gooseberries (nellikka) pickle and thick curd curdled with onions and fresh tomatoes with a dash of chillies in the form of a salad that makes you revel in the tastes of tradition served on plates.

This eatery still stays rooted in the traditions and maintains a modest atmosphere without running behind the modernistic lifestyles. If you have not yet tasted the goodness of food served over here, then you are missing something you would repent for a lifetime! Step in and be prepared to be awestruck by the plethora of tastes and flavours!


Aryanad, Kottakkakom

Timings: 11 – 10