Who wouldn’t love to take a sweet bite and indulge in the ecstasy of a melt in mouth pastry with sweet flavors bursting your taste buds? If you have a sweet tooth and is looking for the ideal place to indulge in sinful sweet treats, then Café Alchemy is the best place for you! Café Alchemy is owned by one of the most excellent dining restaurants ever in Trivandrum- Imperial Kitchen! This place is rated as one of the best spots to get a soft, moist and yummy cake in town.

Be it the melt in mouth red velvet cake or the colorful rainbow cakes, Café alchemy treats your taste buds like no other. The choco velvet cake layered up with delicious chocolate layers is one of the must-tries at this place. The cakes are not overly sweet and have the right amount of sweet and flavors. The Café Alchemy is near the restaurant hub in one of the posh areas of the city. Ample car parking facilities make it an easy drop by. The friendly and ever smiling staff and the serene ambiance makes it one of the loved sweet spots of the city. Try a sip of the passion fruit iced tea with the real taste of passion fruit, and you are sure to ask for a second helping. The rainbow cake with all the seven colors of the rainbow neatly stacked up is a visual and delectable treat alike. The pink panther cake shake and peach ice tea are other yummy treats you should not miss out!


Nanthancodu, Ambalamukku, Trivandrum.

Ring At



Monday- 10 am to 11.30 pm

Tuesdays To Sundays- 12 midnight to 11.30 pm


A serene yet vibrant ambiance that smells of yummy bakes.

Seating Arrangements

Plush cushioned sofas to sit down and delve into a sweet indulgence.

Parking Facilities

Available! Located at the heart of the city, this spot is thronged by sweet lovers.