Pulissery Kada never had a definite name of its own. This famous eatery which is located near Thakaraparambu, Pazhavangadi in Trivandrum, does not have a name or a signboard. The narrow space which houses sixteen to twenty guests at a time has been given the name by patrons in honor of its namesake dish – the mouth-watering Pineapple pulissery. The sweet and sour Kerala delicacy which is made with Pineapple or Mango depending on the season is a food lover’s dream come true. No wonder many netizens consider it the best Pulissery in Trivandrum.

A word of advice to new customers – Don’t be fooled by its modest appearance! This narrow, one-room eatery has been serving a group of satisfied clientele for the past 40 years! It was started by  Mr.Gopalakrishnan in 1976 and is still run as a close family business. Food has always been affordable at the Pulissery Kada. When the business initially opened, full meals cost Rs.1.50. Now full meals for two will cost close to Rs.200.

Morning breakfast is a carbohydrate lover’s dream menu which includes steaming hot idlis, dosa, appam, chammanthi, chili curry, sambar, egg roast/ omelet, ethapazham puzhungiyathu, and rasa vada. Lunch rush hour starts at 12 pm with guests thronging the place for a coveted seat. It is worth the wait. Food is served on a traditional banana leaf and consists of rice, fish fry, kappa, fish gravy with five side dishes – dal, sambar, pulissery, rasam and buttermilk, pappadam and pickle. Lunch service winds downs around 3 pm with the Pulissery almost over.

During the rush hours, guests avoid unnecessary chatter and savor the various dishes on their leaf as the restaurant is strict about two things. First, customers should not use their mobile phones while eating and second, they should complete their meals in 15 minutes and drop their used banana leaf in the dustbin. Loyal customers follow these rules and enjoy the day’s fare with relish.

The restaurant’s owner reveals the secret behind the lip-smacking taste of dishes at Good Morning hotel. He quips with a smile that it is because all their items are prepared only with fresh coconut oil. The famous Pulissery is a blend of pineapples, cucumbers, green chilies, aromatic spices, freshly grated coconut, and perfectly sour curd. The various ingredients are cooked in such a way that their flavors blend and its true taste is revealed.  He says that the perfect harmony between sweet and sour makes customers salivate and makes them return time and again.


Near Thakaraparambu, Pazhavangadi, opposite Indian Overseas Bank.

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Must Try

Pineapple Pulisseri, Fish Fry and Fish gravy


Breakfast is served from 7 am. Lunch service starts at 12 pm till 3 pm.

Parking Space

There is no designated parking space available.


The eatery has very simple decor with limited seating arrangements. The thatched, tin roof and old world, meal center ambiance is humble yet welcoming.

Seating Arrangements

Narrow, one room space with well-loved wooden tables and stools. The primary furniture and clean surroundings promise tasty, home-cooked style food. The restaurant can serve 20 diners at a time.