Are you an ardent fan of Italian Pizza? If you are an Italian Pizza lover, then never miss your chance to visit Pondis Pizz Hub (Pondis PH) or else it is going to be a great loss for the Pizza lover in you.

It was just one week ago that we decided to have our gang meetup at this awesome place. And believe me, when I say that, everything was  unique about this place, let it be the making, the toppings they use, the service, the ambience, the taste…. Everything!

And the cost of this awesomeness that you experience is very low in fact. This very factor encouraged  us to order 2 more Pizza in addition to the Pizza that we already ordered along with the other dishes that we saw on their menu. Anyways lets come to the food matter,

BEEF CALZONE: I am pretty much unsure whether this dish is available elsewhere. We ordered it from the starters and it looked almost like a large samosa. Even though it was slightly hard on the eyes, the Beef Calzone flattered my taste buds. It was a  heavenly combination of spicy beef and cheese coated with a thin crust. And it just melted in my mouth that I would give a 101/100 for this dish.

COMBO 1:9  INCH PIZZA:  This combo is inclusive of a drink. We ordered a Hawaiian Pizza.  Oh Yes!!! Hawaiian Pizza is a loud shout for all those people who doubted about the so called weird combination of Pizza and Pineapple.[There was also an enquiry in our group about the same…. Here you go!!!] To our surprise the pineapple did not overpower the flavour of the Pizza instead it added an aromatic smell to the cheese and the toppings

TANDOORI TANTA(Pesto Base): We bought this on an experimental basis. But this one just took us by surprise with its enthralling base sauce which is a combination of cashewnut and basil along with spicy tandoori chicken pieces immersed in cheese.

Also a Pizza Shovel is provided along with your order so that it is easy to take your share the right way.

BBQ PIZZA: Since BBQ Pizza is my personal favourite , I never hesitated to order  one. The moment it came on my table, I took a quick snap and was in a hurry  to finish it (as if my stomach cant ait for it to try). And the wait, was worth, the pizza was loaded with cheese and decent amount of chicken and olives , all topped with lots and lots of BBQ sauce.

OREO SHAKE : As I was down with throat infection, I had to sacrifice this gem of a shake and get myself contended with black tea. But you know what? The look tells it all. Unlike the other Oreo shakes (that has Oreo in only the name) which gets served in the famous restaurants, this one is rich in its texture and can be counted as one of the best ‘go-to’ options for your Oreo shake  because of its perfection.

MANGO SHAKE: The ‘show stealer’ of the day. This one counted in as the seasonal fruit shake and No!! it’s not made of any ice cream or artificial flavours in it- the originality was outstanding. Somehow this gave me the confidence to challenge you guys to find and tell me where in the city you could get a  better mango shake (if you ever find one).

CHICKEN SPRING ROLL: Nothing more to say , this roll which was served with a heavy textured chilli mayonnaise just made me go wow with its brilliant taste.

To add on about the Pondis Pizza Hub, the staff over here may not be highly professional but it is surely compensated with their well-mannered behaviour coupled with their perfect dealing with your orders .

AMBIENCE: ‘Simple but powerful’ 😉 The  two floors are neatly sectioned into diufferent areas with calm lighting and class interiors with clean surroundings. And it is a perfect spot to take your loved ones out for a date.

PARKING: A slight disappointment  with the parking but still the delicacies inside keeps calling you back to visit this place again!

My friends tried some other dishes including variety burgers too and we were expecting a heavy bill. But to our surprise the pricing was on the light side and was pocket friendly.

Since we were taking pictures from various angles the manager noticed us and was curious to know about us . The moment he heard that we were from the encyclopaedia team he was generous enough to compliment every one of  us with a fried ice cream, my throat infection was a villain for this time too 🙁

Where: Opposite Technopark Gate or Toyota Show Room.

Ring At: +91-7994020102

Seating Arrangements: Multiple Room with different ambience

Car Parking: Road Side