Have you always craved for a secluded place where you can read your favorite novel or complete your pending work assignment while sipping a cup of piping hot coffee and taking a quick bite of a yummy sandwich or cake? Yes! That is Eve’s Coffee for you! You can also play a round of games with your friends, or maybe your kids can play around happily while you finish off that unfinished project. This is one of the spots a happening city like Trivandrum wanted the most! With the hectic project deadlines, the techies needed a spot to relax and do their work while enjoying a quick bite. The youngsters, kids and working men or women needed a spot to rewind on the weekends and play a game or two with their friends while sipping a hot cup of coffee. The bookworms needed a secluded spot to read to their heart’s content. And, Eve’s coffee is the answer to all this!

Beta Jayakumar, the brain behind Eve’s Coffee realized the need of techies’ city, Trivandrum bustling with busy lives. Step into this dreamy arena, and your ears will be filled with vibrant music that makes you feel lively and energized after a tiring day at work. A chess set welcomes you comfortably placed in the midst of two large bottle green lounge chairs placed near to a huge wall stacked up with books. There are football tables, TV, X-box gaming consoles and joysticks. A café counter is at the far end waiting to serve the readers and players. Eve’s Coffee is build up on the top floor of Beta’s house. And, another interesting fact is that you can play all the games for free! Eve’s also offers an excellent range of both hot and cold beverages like various types of tea, coffee, crushers, sundaes, and mojitos. You can also grab a quick bite of cakes, chocolates or quiches.


Pettah, Anayara Road, Trivandrum

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Heavenly! Secluded spots for the book lovers, music, playrooms, and good food! It is too good to be true!


11 am to 10 pm