Pappanchani chicken perattu is very well known among local people.Situated close puchakari toddy shop which has picked up parcel of acclaim over the years.The taste of  pieces of Naadan chicken cooked in pure coconut oil with masalas and secrete recepes is incomparable and one of the best Chicken peratt or Naadan kozhi perattu in Town. It is mainly accompanied with Puttu, Meals with common side dishes and Mashed Tapioca. The essence of these side dishes helping us to remember the ones we get at our home merits an uncommon notice yet the star of the menu other than the pirattu would be the red hot kanthari chutney made either with curd or coconut.

Do visit the place however be careful it’s for the most part swarmed nowadays and just a limited quantityis made because of the trouble in obtaining Nadan Chicken once a day, as indicated by the proprietor.

1 plate = 130

½ kg = 200

1 kg = 400

Location: Near vellayani Lake