Who wouldn’t love to be treated like royalty at least for one day? Who wouldn’t love to be served a sumptuous feast in plantain leaves at a royal palace? Yes! We all have that fantasy to be the King or Queen for one day and eat royal food at a royal place. Padmavilasom Palace lets you realize that dream of yours and that too in full regal ambiance!

If you are a Malayalee, then you will surely have a nostalgic attachment to the traditional sadya served on fresh green plantain leaves. No burger or French fries can compete against the authentic flavors of a conventional sadya. The aroma that wafts through the air lures you like no other! Still, one of the major concerns here is that unless it is someone’s marriage or it is onam; there is no chance to get an elaborate sadya. But, now you no longer have to wait for your best buddy to get married to indulge in the pure delight of traditional sadya! Padmavilasom Palace opens its royal gates every day and treats you with a royal sadya! The palace never leaves a stone unturned to pamper your taste buds!

The towering walls of the royal palace boast of a long 150-year-old tradition of regal tales. The queenly mansion whispers of royalty that inherits a slice of the rich Kerala heritage and lip-smacking flavor-locked cuisines served as sumptuous feasts for the aristocratic powers of Kerala. The Padma Vilasam Palace is presently run by the latest generation of royalties, Archana Mohan and Deepu Karunakaran. Ask them about the royal tales of the palace, and they delve deep into their memories to share tales of rich heritage! The royal palace serves both an excellent spread of royal breakfast and a traditional sumptuous sadya in the afternoons.

A waiter who is all smiles courteously guides you into a dignified dining area seeping in the golden rays of the sun. The dining area also faces a serene crystal blue waters where you can gaze amazed at the air of grace that surrounds the place while fresh green plantain leaves are spread in front of you. Soon, your banana leaves are filled up with a fine spread of pickles, crispy banana wafers, crispy and sweet sharkara varatti, delicious aviyal, delectable kichadi, pichadi, kootu curry, fresh thoran, and crunchy pappadams. As you much on the crispy chips and sharkara varatti which smells of fresh coconut oil, two waiters enter carrying steaming hot rice in a wicker basket, better known as vatti in the regional language. They also bring the next set of curries in serving dishes. They first serve the hot rice in the center portion of your leaf carefully and then pours golden yellow parippu curry over it. Generous helpings of ghee follow it. Bliss! As you finish a round of your meal with the rice, ghee, and parippu, waiters again enter with aromatic sambar filled up with fresh vegetable pieces.

One of the specialties of the sadya here is that you can get second, third or fourth helpings of any curry of your choice. But, make sure you don’t fill your tummies too much as another sumptuous treat is yet to follow the main course! The next set of treats is the ideal one for your sweet tooth. Be prepared to awed by the spread of payasams and boli! You will be served with three different varieties of payasam which keeps on changing daily. It can be ada pradaman, kadala payasam and paalpayasam on one day and another three set of payasams the next day. Accompanying it will be the golden yellow crepe for which the state’s capital is well-known- the boli! Now, that is what we call a heavenly meal! Pour a ladle of the paalpayasam on the boli and indulge in sweet cravings that fill your tummies and souls alike.


Aarattu Road, Opposite NSS Working Womens Hostel, Eenchakkal Road

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Must Try

The sumptuous sadya and the royal breakfast


Royal! Be prepared to be treated like royalty in an ambient, rich atmosphere!

Parking Facilities

Yes! You are entering a palatial compound! There will be no dearth for amenities!

Seating arrangements

Large aristocratic dining halls.


Purely Vegetarian