There has always been a fine line between the western and the eastern culture, especially in the cuisine. Though the culture of the west is quite variant, you cannot ignore the deliciousness of the eastern dishes also, especially the one exclusive to the customs of Thai, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Malay. And that is why perhaps the Oriental Spice restaurant brings the extremities of the eastern cuisine with the equivalent delicacy, if not the same.

Experience the fieriness of the East through the savory of the dishes

Located in one of the bust streets of Trivandrum, Oriental Spice is the only place where you will get the premium opportunity of tasting the delicious Thai or the Malay dishes in entire Kerala. The restaurant was established with the thought of making the Indians familiar with the exquisiteness of the eastern dishes.

The chefs in this restaurant are specialized in bringing the best out of the ingredients, giving you the chance to savor each delectable item, be it their special Dimsum basket or the regular black paper chicken.

One best thing about this restaurant is that the menu is quite long, so you will need some time to decide. In fact, you will need a lot of time to choose the best one for you. Even the names itself will make your insides clench with an insatiable hunger. Starting from appetizers, you will get grilled dishes, seafood, soups, salads, vegetables and so on.

If you are visiting this restaurant, don’t miss their unique dishes of Satay chicken and the Dimsum basket. These appetizers are always listed on the special menu, owing to their special ingredients and expert preparatory methods.

Apart from these, you will have the chance to experience the daily munchies, prepared solely for you to experience the variedness of the eastern cuisine. Oriental special will be on Monday, Tuesday will mark the All-of-Asia menu, while Wednesday means Thai dishes.


Musaliar Buildings, Kuravankonam

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