Night life is a culture in cities like Bangalore.If a city offers platforms for a comfortable night life then that city is said to be safe and progressive as well! The extend of night life a city can offer is an important factor in the path of it’s development. Trivandrum has earned it’s spot as a night life destination thanks to contributions from many of its hotspots and leading the pack is our very own “Buhari Sarbath Shop” located at Attakulangara. When the whole city sleeps “Buhari Sarbath Shop” stays awake giving an opportunity for the people of Trivandrum to enjoy the beauty and taste of Trivandrum at Night! The shop is located next to “Buhari” restaurant which is the most preferred location at Trivandrum for food during late night hours. The crowd that pours into this shop to have juice, shakes and sarbath after 11 pm is huge in numbers and comprises of youth and family as well! For late night movie goers and people who end their work late at night this spot is an ideal check in! The Shop is famous for creating history in the “Sarbath” brand at Trivandrum. Their Karikkin shake is a legendary taste to the residents of Trivandrum. The success of Buhari resulted in many similar shops coming up around it’s premises, but buhari still stands with the same pride and glory which it ignited years ago! None of the new entrants could match up to the towering figure of Buhari and Buhari still remains the superstar out here! ”Kulukki Sarbath” and “Karikkin Shake” were the most sought out drinks at “Buhari” during it’s early days. With passing years Buhari innovated and new drinks like “Boost Sarbath” and “Horlicks Sarbath” made a tasty entry into their menu hence increasing their star value! More varieties of Juices,Drinks,Sarbath and Shakes got added soon and Buhari is now the undefeated and undisputed king in “Juice,Sarbath and Shakes” in Trivandrum! The number of orders they take exponentially grows with each minute thanks to the crowd that come in. Even with such a crowd they ensure they don’t go overboard on the wait time and try and cater to our order as quickly as possible which also is a highlight of this spot! A night drive to “Buhari” sipping their shakes and juices and enjoying the beauty and peace and silence of night is the best thing you can ask for at Trivandrum before you go to sleep!

Location: Attakulanga jn, EastFort