Hotel Raja is yet another hidden jewel near Vembayam Junction in Trivandrum. The restaurant’s menu boasts of an extensive array of delicious seafood. Due to its prime location, the eatery is popular among residents and tourists looking for a hearty meal.

The restaurant opens late at around 12.30 pm, and lunch is served until 4 pm. The restaurant also serves fast food and Chinese cuisine after the peak lunch hour. Dinner is served till 11.30 pm. The lunch menu includes the standard Kerala thali along with the specials like Thalakkari, Mullu curry, Chemmeen Roast, Kozhuva, Neymeen fry, Fish Fry, Kozhuva fry, Meen Mutta Perattu, and Koonthal. The seafood at Raja is a way above its competitors in the fact that anyone can not match the appetizing aroma and drool-worthy flavors.

If you are a meat lover, spicy and palatable chicken roast, chicken perattu and other meat dishes are also available. Once you sit down for a meal, rice, Kappapuzhukku, and some unique Kerala side dishes, crispy papadam and spicy pickle are served. Then all the specialties are brought out on a huge tray. One can pick and choose what they would like to eat from the tray. Word of advice though, after a cursory look at the tray always ask what else is available and magically the next set of dishes are brought out. So, the golden rule in Hotel Raja is “Don’t be Hasty, Ask what else.”


When traveling from Venjaramoodu to Trivandrum city, one can see the restaurant on the left side near Vembayam Junction.

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Must Try

Thalakkari, Mullu curry, Chemmeen Roast, Kozhuva fry, Meen Mutta Perattu, and Koonthal.


The restaurant is open from 12.30 am till 11.30 pm.

Parking Space

There is a small space available in front of the shop. During peak hour, parking is full, and cars are parked on the street nearby.


The restaurant is a decent sized space which can seat 60 people at a time. Bright blue and white color scheme ties in beautifully with the seafood cuisine available here.

Seating Arrangements

Standard wooden tables and plastic chairs are available