Sadya! The name itself makes every Malayalee crave for it! We often wait for Onam to gorge in on the delicious spread of pure vegetarian sadya. But, trivandrumites need not wait for onam to have a sumptuous spread of sadya. They are lucky enough to get sadya every day! Every week! Every month! Yes! That is mothers veg plaza for you! A sadya lover’s favorite spot. A place where you are served a grand spread of sadya on fresh green plantain leaves. In a city bustling with restaurants serving different cuisines, an innovative and different idea can help in making a mark and get noticed. Mother’s veg plaza turned heads when they decided to include a complete vegetarian sadya on their menu every afternoon. No wonder that the place is thronged by sadya lovers from all walks of life by the noon time. You can even get coupons in advance or wait outside in their waiting area if you are a bit late to arrive and the place is jam-packed with customers.

The Special Meals at Mother’s Veg plaza is the Sadya served on light green plantain leaves along with soft chapathis, soup, creamy paneer masala, lip smacking gopi Manchurian, pappadam, pazham, vattal, upperi, paripuvada, inji, naranga, nellika, manga, thoran, kichadi, aviyal, koote curry, sambar, parippu, rasam, moru, pulissery and then finish it off with boli semiya and ada pradhaman along with steaming hot boiled rice. You can also get the Kerala sadya and meals here. Kerala sadya won’t have chapathi, soup, Manchurian and paneer masala. Meals have a lesser number of curries than the sadya.

And, the place is not just famous for their sumptuous sadya! They also serve more than a hundred varieties of dosa. You can make your pick from a wide range of dosas at any time other than the lunch hours. You can find almost any type of drool-worthy dosas at Mother’s veg plaza. The homely touch of flavors makes the name an apt one for the restaurant. Each handful of sadya you eat and each dosa variety you try has a homely aroma and taste that makes us nostalgic. The fully air-conditioned dining halls and plush cushioned steel chairs and tables make the dining a comfortable experience for you. There are many service staff with uniforms and headgear ready to serve your needs. In short, Mother’s Veg Plaza is every vegetarian food lovers one-stop destination!


Bakery Junction, Near Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum

Ring At

0471- 4012255


7 am to 11 pm, every day

Must Try

Sadya, varieties of dosa


Fully air-conditioned rooms, ready to serve staffs. A pleasant family restaurant.

Seating Arrangements

Large dining area. Cushioned steel tables and chairs. There is a waiting area in case the restaurant is full.

Parking Facilities

Yes! Large parking area in front of the restaurant itself.