The responsibility of a role model food group should not end with bringing good food spots to the limelight, it should also look at engaging in socially relevant initiatives.The facebook group “Food Encyclopedia” stands miles ahead of others by being active promoters of “Go-Green” and “Eco Friendly” initiatives. Very recently Kuppi and FET joined hands for a brilliant Go-Green Eco friendly initiative. Al Niyadh Basheer, the master and brain behind Food Encyclopedia Trivandrum (FET) and the venture “Kuppi” combined to introduce new exclusive Kuppi bottles which became the talk of the town in a short span of time! All of us are aware of the harmful effects which plastic can cause but a majority of us still go with plastics! That’s were an entity like “Kuppi” becomes the brave one by completely avoiding plastic bottles and plastic straws and instead uses glass bottles and virgin paper straws. Requests were pouring in from the 65000 odd member FET group for an FET merchandise. The thought of giving a variety merchandise socially linked to a good cause resulted in the introduction of FET Edition Kuppi Bottles which were made of glass and accompanied by paper straws. The intend of introducing such a bottle with the tagline “Say no to plastic” was to spread such a message to a good number of people and hence result in reduction of plastic usage and create any awareness on the harmful usage of plastic! It was at the sametime that Trivandrum district collector Dr K Vasuki too stressed on the importance of avoiding plastic bottles and encouraged to use own glass bottles to gather water adding more acceptability to such initiatives amongst the public! Before introducing Kuppi FET edition the group’s admin panel got together and decided on how creatively they can bring out the bottle.5000 bottles were printed and it got over in no time leaving members wanting for more! Initiatives to curb the usage of plastics are getting stronger in the city with Trivandrum City Mayor V K Prashanth having discussions with online food delivery giants and briefing then on reducing plastic usage. Finally for people who missed out on FET-Kuppi limited edition bottles there is good news FET and Kuppi will be back together with newer and greater initiatives added Allen and Deepthi the couple behind Kuppi venture