The pioneer hotel which opened its doors to vivid combo offers to all the foodies in the town. The trend setter of Combo offers …Yes!!! We are talking about the Azeez Restaurant located in Poojapura.

This is a small restaurant with a big list of loyal customers. And who won’t become loyal to this small hotel after having their signature dishes. They stand out from other hotels in town not because of their ambience, excellent services nor the personal attention you get, but only because of the exceptional taste of the food they serve and the variety combo offers they provide.

The restaurant which is not air conditioned is always crowded(off course!)and you can see waiters running around to meet their customer needs. There is no parking facilities as such, so you will have to be a bit adventurous by parking your vehicle behind the auto stand and hurry into the hotel.

The very first sight that would catch your eyes would be the owner trying really hard, but successfully managing their customer crowd(They are used to this I reckon)

The moment we got our table we ordered Mutton Biriyani, one of their signature dishes and the talk of the town Banana Beef Fry and Pothu Fry(Beef Fry). The order was placed within 5 Minutes (Just 5 Minutes!!!)

A refreshing glass of lemonade came first and then salad, pickle and pappadam was served in a fresh spread of Banana Leaf . Then came our hero- The Mutton Biriyani… Being a responsible food blogger I never fail to take photos of the food being served (before I lay my hands on it).

MUTTON BIRIYANI : The Biriyani was made with medium rice and had 3 to 4 considerably big pieces of mutton. The biriyani did not contain excess masala neither was it too spicy. The rice was not too small (like that used in Thalassery Dum Biriyani) and the mutton pieces seemed to be well cooked. By the way I am guilty of stealing a mutton piece from Muhammad Thajnas’ plate because of the outstanding taste of the Biriyani.

BANANA BEEF FRY: I have had this sensational combination of Banana Fritters with beef from many a hotels, but this one is unique and stands out from others. The sweetness of banana does not overpower the beef, instead it added a subtleness to the spicy beef. The banana is roasted with pepper and masala, and the taste increases proportionately with the ripeness of the banana.

BEEF FRY(POTHU FRY): An improved version of beef dry fry. The chunky pieces are deep fried and is topped up with the spicy masala and garnished with crushed chilli powder.

Biriyani rice and lemon juice was provided to us in ample quantities and they keep refilling our plates until we give them a contend signal.  I finished off my war by gulping down the payasam.

Both the owners Noushad and Noufal were very friendly to us and had a warm personality. They even find out time to take care of their customers and interact with them in spite of their  tight schedule at the counter. The crowd is managed by Noushi Kadambar and he is an enthusiastic person as well.

Once I came to know these people at a personal level, Let me tell you this!!! If you ever have any problem with the service or the food, kindly voice it out to the management rather than keeping it in  your mind or telling it elsewhere. Because the management at Azeez is really friendly and is open to all your suggestions and complaints.

To wrap up about Azeez- Never miss  this hotel at Poojapura and , Azeez is all set to surprise all of you with their blockbuster combos!!!


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