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Sea Food Heaven – Kadaloram – Food Encyclopedia Trivandrum – FET

Sea Food Heaven – Kadaloram

by The Indian Salt Bae

Do you know which is the best sea food restaurant in Trivandrum? Well, if you are to ask me that question, I will have only one answer to say and that would be the Kadaloram restaurant which is located along the beach  near the Vettucaud church. Okay now let me unfold to you the most impressive policy that they follow religiously…this restaurant will keep its door CLOSED if Fresh Fish is not available to them. They also have specialised staff to go and collect fresh fish, no matter what the distance is. The enchanting taste along with noticeable cleanliness are their plus points.

Unlike other seafood restaurants the atmosphere here is devoid of smoke and foul smell and you can enjoy your seafood here along with the fresh ambience that the sea provides you with. This hotel may be small in size but you can surely mark my words when I say that this place is going to be one of the best seafood restaurants in a short span of time.

If you ever feel that the dishes here are too costly then off course you can find your solace in hotels which serves you fishes bathed in ice and ammonia. So let’s come to our matter, We went in a group of 12 to conquer their dishes and hear the story of our sea food battle:

CHOORAPULI: I have tasted many a fish curries from many places, but this one!!! The gravy is real rich with masala and kudampuli(tamarind) giving you all the royalty that a fish curry can ever have!!

KANAVA(Squid) : I never even thought that squids can be so much delicious when its deep fried. The squid is a win-win in the menu and is a must try item.

KONJU (Prawns) : Fat , large wholesome  prawns marinated with salt, pepper and a dash of lime is fried in hot oil. The prawns are intact with its head and tail but still the highlight is that it is clean inside out (Unlike some other hotels which serve you with prawns, all with its rawness mixed with some masala) This prawns is sure to give you heavens. And trust me when I say that we all just gulped down 9 whole plates of prawns fry and still can eat  more because of its heavenly taste.

NEYMEEN: The neymeen is really soft and cut in layered round pieces which are medium in size. They are serving decent portions of fresh neymeen and other restaurants should make Kadaloram an example for serving fresh dishes in incredible taste in a decent quantity.

CHOORA FRY(Tuna Fry): Yeah! This one is my favourite!! Okay I am not going to describe any more on this choora fry… I welcome you all to kindly see the video that I am posting below as a comment  beneath this post. Nothing more to say and don’t miss out on the video 😉

NJANDU (Crab) : This is one of the best Crab Masala that you are ever gonna try out. And I admit that I was more curious in trying out its masala rich with well sautéed onions rather than the crab itself.

NEYCHOR (Ghee Rice) : Hehe I know what you guys are thinking right now 😀 .. Very Well I also had the same thought…Does Fish and Ghee rice even count as a Combo? I had right answer for this weird question after having it and the answer is a big YES!!! And if you have the same doubt then its time to clear off all your doubts by having it from here.

CHAPATHI: Soft Chapathi with the right amount of  tasty brown burns is Kadaloram, highlight.

Their signature is also  seen in the tasty masala of Vattalmulaku(dried chilly) ginger and garlic which is not too spicy and they serve it with every dish that they provide.

And on an ending note let me conclude with a STRICTLY PERSONAL OPINION : This is rated as the best seafood restaurant that you can find in Trivandrum as of now by me!!!!

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