Certain restaurants stand true to it’s name ,“Kadaloram” is one such restaurant completely justifying it’s name through it’s location and the food served there. This tasty food spot is located near the sea side and offers only sea food,a genre of food which was not so common and missing in Trivandrum. Kadaloram has not just filled that void but has also become the hot spot for sea food lovers in it’s very short span making it the number one sea food spot in Trivandrum. Their preparation and taste stands out from the rest hence adding to its daily growing popularity and good word of mouth. The man behind “Kadaloram” is Saju Ambrose an NRI and businessman by profession who is ably supported By Mohamed Faiz, the consultant for this venture pouring in his ideas and creativity and also supporting in the constant monitoring of the progress of this venture. This restaurant keeps customer at the heart and hence focuses on serving good food than on profit margin. Unlike other restaurants their shop remains closed if they do not have a good and healthy catch of fish and other sea food delicacies. They also have staff who collect fish directly from our major fish spots. All of these add to the quality of services and food they offer! Coming to the food at Kadaloram,”Neychor” and “Chappathi” are what they offer as maincourse. The combination of Neychor and Fish is an ultimate in taste and hats off to the makers for innovating and experimenting with such a combo. In food you are a hero if you have delivered a great taste and makers of this combo are heroes in the world of food! Their preparation of ”Choora puli”,a fish delicacy is a big hit making it a most sought out dish from their menu. Another special preparation they have to offer is Crabfry which is prepared in a special secret masala recipe! The menu at this restaurant is not a fixed one and varies from day to day depending on their daily catch of fish and other sea varieties,a sight very uncommon these days when business minds even sell rotten fishes! Along with the ambience, neat and tidy environment and surroundings and cleanliness maintained at the spot are attractive features of this spot. The spot also offers decent amount of parking space for families to come and dine! A few more elements which add qualities to their dishes are    1) Usage of fresh coconut oil, 2) Cooking utensils used for different varieties of fishes are different. The best part of this spot lies in the fact that people coming over to dine here can also spend some quality and leisure time at the beach which will be great experience for kids and families! Kadaloram is a unique, tasty and enjoyable experience combination rarely found!