Al Niyadh is a well-known name all over Trivandrum, all thanks to his crazy love for food! He is a full-on food lover who heads over the Encyclopedia that throws light on each and every eateries in Trivandrum. He is the food blogger with love and passion for food in his heart and strives extra hard to visit all the restaurants by himself and write reviews that act as a guiding star for any foodie out there. So, if you are on the lookout for an excellent restaurant near you at Trivandrum, look no more! Just take a look at the Food Encyclopedia Facebook group, and you will be over flooded with options to choose from. The Al Niyadh Basheer reviews are spot on and write both about the positive and negative aspects of the restaurant quite effortlessly. So, if you are stepping on the sands of Anandhabadmanapa and is craving for a delicious bite, just take a quick look at the Food Encyclopedia Facebook group and choose from the multitude of options!