In the food scene of Trivandrum if there is something new and different and variety as well people are ready to give it a try! And if they like it they will promote it with good word of mouth! This is exactly what happened with “Hima’s Chappathi Casa” which became an instant hit thanks to the taste and varieties and healthy food concepts they introduced to the people of Trivandrum.

The lady behind these concepts is Hima Manikandan T, an electrical engineer who pursued MBA from Australia along with her part time job  of working in restaurants. Her interest towards cooking was the biggest motivator for her to pursue a part time job along with studies. Post becoming a mother Hima came back to her hometown and that’s when the idea of becoming an entrepreneur started being looked at seriously. Hima wanted to let Trivandrum taste things which they have never heard of or tasted before. She took baby steps as a home chef and introduced varieties of dishes like clay baked chicken, different flavours of Chappathi’s like tomato carrot spinach papaya ginger etc and mind you all of her dishes were completely new to the people of Trivandrum, tasty too and hence welcomed with both arms! Clay baked chicken is completely oil free and flavoured chappathis carry a lot of health benefits too. Beetroot chappathi was her first hit amongst the flavoured chappathis and later other flavours too followed the hit path!

She introduced combos of clay baked chicken and flavoured chappathis which too became an instant hit. Quarter combo,half combo and full combo options are made available to cater to the different needs of customers and these are decently priced at 175 299 and 499 respectively. The combo offer also carries free “Chappathi Payasam” too another dish exclusively from their kitchen. Chappathi chips too is a new introduction to their menu.The preparation of clay baked chicken is a lengthy process taking upto 8 hrs and hence prior ordering is required for the same. In these days of women empowerment we can actually feel proud to say about Hima who started as a home chef and now has a shop at Thycaud,the rise of a chef the rise of a lady entrepreneur a classic example of hard work perseverance will and dedication paying off! Hima and her success and outlet and delicacies have featured in many articles multiple times now.

Hima was also invited to be part of women entrepreneurship summit of 2018 held at cochin,a start to her contributions as a women entrepreneur getting recognised and a proud moment or Trivandrum. We are sure many more will follow and for Chappathi Casa this is one variety outlet offering variety and  healthy and tasty dishes to the city of Trivandrum!



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