Indian cuisine is undoubtedly the best, especially because of the incredible combination of the spices and the ingredients. But, sometimes, it is good to make a change and give something else to your taste buds. And what can be best other than the continental cuisine? Trivandrum has always missed a unique restaurant which serves English breakfast and dishes in its exquisite goodness and Fuel answered the cravings of many, especially for all those who had lived abroad and had got used to the English style food.

It’s time to savor the richness of the European cuisine!

Food is just like mind; you need to bring about some changes once in a while. This is why the Fuel cafe offers the best changing cuisine, the continental one. Though it is new in the food market of Trivandrum, the cafe has won hundreds of hearts with the sheer deliciousness of their dishes. In fact, this is one such place where you will never witness a seat being empty for too long. Despite the early working hours, the place seems to be crowded every time, the result of the drool-worthy dishes being cooked here by the expert chefs.

The continental cuisine sometimes represents the Indian dishes, both being rich in the perfectness of the blending spices. The dishes are quite limited, and so you won’t have three pages menu. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any dish at all. After all, who will miss the golden chance to ignore the fragrance of the continental dishes being cooked in the early morning?

The American pancake served with three layers of banana slices in between and garnished with maple syrup is one of the popular dishes in the eatery. If you want something more varied, the English dish will be ideal for your hunger. You will have numerous choices including the eggs, sausages, bacon, and toast.

The Tahini cocoa is just the perfect beverage to start your day with. After all, you can pamper your taste buds for as long as you want with this blending dish of cocoa, tahini, honey, banana, and the almond milk. Another incredible preparation is the Creamacado, made from avocado, yogurt, milk, and honey, which gives a creamy texture to the entire preparation.

The ambiance is amiable, with the table made from woodworks. The lights are subtle, giving the perfect amount of illumination needed to have the feel of sitting in a continental cafe.




7:30 AM to 11 PM on weekdays

7:30 AM to 2 PM on weekends

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The ambiance is perfect for having an undisturbed, and amiable meal with friends or family.