Food is a man’s best friend- both a way of reveling in the culture of a state and also a way savoring some delicious tastes!

No matter how much you ignore your hunger because of your diet plan, you can never overlook the restaurants of Trivandrum. The city is the beacon of tourists, attracting both the domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year. In the midst of all the cuisines Trivandrum offers, Narayana Bhavan stands tall with the multifarious cuisines that it provides. It is the perfect place for enjoying both nature’s wonders and the chef’s magic. Their hands are like those magic wands, quipping up cuisines which you can never forget, as the taste buds still make you revel in the lip-smacking flavors that transport you to ecstasy.

Narayana Bhavan doesn’t lack anything than other top class restaurants, even when the interiors aren’t similar to the five-star hotels. The history of the place is quite impressive. The present-day eatery is under the management of the third generation of the family. Since the time of its establishment, the restaurant has developed a lot. The best part of the place is that it remains open for all the seven days in the week.

Now, coming to the cuisine- this eatery is famous for the chicken and the Keralite native dishes. If you are craving for either one of them, Narayana Bhavan is the ideal place. The chefs use authentic spices to make a blending taste in different dishes. And perhaps that’s why the crispy yet juicy Chicken lollipop and the flavor locked Chicken Perattu are the yummiest dishes.

In fact, the authentic Kerala breakfast delicacies like the Puttu, and the Appam are served instantly to the customers, making it more authentic. You can enjoy your time there in the hotel, savoring the taste of each spice and each ingredient while sitting in a decently arranged dining area. The ambiance is amiable, with the waiters being experienced ones.


General Hospital Road


6:30 AM to 10:30 PM for the entire week

Must Try’s

Chicken curry, Chicken Perttu, Appam, and so on

Parking Facilities

No, car parking isn’t available


The ambiance is pleasant, with air-conditioned interiors.

Seating arrangement

The restaurant has two dining spaces, side by side.