Are you on the lookout for a restaurant that serves delectable hot dishes even late at night after 11 pm? Look no more! Buhari, Trivandrum’s pride and foodie’s paradise welcomes you with open arms no matter what time you enter inside. Be it early morning or midnight, Buhari never leaves you disappointed!

Be it the delicious Mutton gravy or the crispy chicken fry, Buhari impresses you like no other!

Trivandrum is known to be a food lover’s destination all thanks to the wide range of restaurants that throng the streets and adds a dash of flavour and spice to Ananthapuri. Still, almost all the restaurants at Trivandrum close by 11 pm at night. But, Buhari chooses to differ and is a blessing in disguise for the night dwellers like drivers, travellers and other shop owners.Many customers also take away parcels from the overcrowded shop filled with food lovers all over Trivandrum and from outside places.

Buhari boasts of decades of serving drool worthy cuisines to Trivandrum way back from 1956. It started serving food 24×7 right from the day it launched its service. Hence, the credit for starting a 24×7 restaurant for the first time in Trivandrum goes to Buhari!

The delectable treats at Buhari make your taste buds crave for more and more. The popular puttu and mutton chaps combo that is served only after 7 pm are to die for! Fresh steamed hot puttu mixed with the spicy gravy of mutton makes you drool. The lingering smell of mutton and puttu fills the entire area. Another mutton delicacy to keep an eye out for is the mutton roast. It looks similar to mutton chaps but has thicker spicy gravy with tender yet rubbery pieces.

The chicken fry at Buhari is also one of the hot favourites. It is one of the most sought-after dishes in the evening hours. Deeply fried pieces of chicken with a crispy coating and slightly burnt masala gives it a deep maroon colour that makes your taste buds drool for it. Any time, any day, step into Buhari and relish the delectable palate of dishes it offers you. We can guarantee that you will return with your tummies and hearts full!


At Attakulangara Junction, Trivandrum

Ring At


Must Try

Puttu and Mutton Chaps, Chapathi and Chicken Fry, Mutton Roast, Mutton Brain Roast. The evening special dishes are drool worthy and loved by all!


24x 7, Step in anytime and be greeted with sumptuous food!

Parking Space

Very less. This is cited as the only significant disadvantage of this eatery that is swarmed with food lovers.


Step into Buhari to relish delectable cuisines and not for ambience. The overcrowded place filled with delicious delights may not be precisely the place for you if you are looking for a calm and serene place with ambience.

Seating Arrangements

A wide hall filled with plastic chairs and steel tables topped with granite.