CURRY CHATTY- An Amazing Place for Fine Dine Experience , Thycaud.

Have you ever longed for a private dining in a fine dine restaurant with your family, friends or your sweet heart ? Then Curry Chatty is the perfect place where you can put a full stop for all your searches.

The interior as well as the infrastructure of this restaurant attracts you with its dash of traditional ambience and reminds you of a Tharavadu (ancestral home). The cute and broken Malayalam of the friendly waiters here gives you a momentary entertainment. Anyways let’s dive into our matter…Yeah the Food,  Matters!!!


BALI PRAWNS: This is one of the great starters that you would want to try if you visit Curry Chatti. The juicy prawns are prepared to have a crunchy crust (Just like KFC) . And it goes very well with their special mayonnaise.

THALI MEALS: Meals are provided in a large Thali plate. Thoran, Pickles and all variety of curries are given in katoris and a big sized Pappadam add a finishing touch  to it. Rice is served to us in an earthen pot and all together the whole meal platter gives an eye candy to customers.

TAPIOCA: The buttery tapioca seasoned with mustard, onions and chillies has a variety taste.

KARIMEEN POLLICHATHU:  This is a very special item and is a highlight in the menu of Curry Chatty. The fish is marinated in spicy masala and is wrapped well in banana leaf and roasted in fire in a slow cook mode. After giving it a shot, all I want to say to you is that…. Guys , this is a must try dish of this place …. Never miss it!!!!

BEEF ULARTHIYATHU: This dish is made with all the  homemade goodness and gives a feast to your taste buds . The well sauteed onions and coconut bits added to the beef roast takes it to an extra mile.

CRISPY FRIED ANCHOVIES: Crispy fish fry with decent quantity. The fishes are big in size and the batter was good which is not common in all restuarants. Presentation(Served in clay pot) and the aroma of coconut oil will give you some nostalgia as well.

PRAWN FRY: The prawns have been fried to be crispy yet its juicy inside with subtle masala . Half portion itself contains 7-8 fairly big pieces.

KALLUMEKKAYA (Mussel) FRY: The mussels are small in size but is presented neatly with golden fried onion rings and masala. The fry was simply outstanding.

SHAHI THUKRA WITH RABDI: This is one of the special desserts which has arrived lately to trivandrum. Bread is slightly fried and dipped in Rabdi. This is crunchy, creamy and sweet , all at the same time!!!

This place which delights you with its heavenly taste will also give  you a high class privacy . Hence it is a perfect place for all foodies, who ‘oh so’ loves privacy 😉

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