It’s seldom rare to get a tasty mutton dish in the dead of night, and it’s weirder to wander through the lanes of Balarampuram in the early dawn only to satisfy your raging stomach. But, sometimes, some restaurants are the angels in disguise, hiding behind the curtains of local eateries and offering the best hospitality and services that you can ever have in the entire city of Trivandrum. 

Food is the elixir of hunger and Bismi is the haven for the fire raging inside your stomach!

Established in 1970, this restaurant offers one of the best services in the entire city. It’s been over fifty years since its establishment, and still, now the glamour of the eatery has never faltered even by a bit. Ismail is the owner who opened this restaurant from scratches and bits. His efforts, timeless services, and warm hospitality compelled both the locals as well as the tourists in Balarampuram to satiate their hunger at Bismi. After so many years, Ismail is still managing the eatery house along with his son Sulfi and grandson Asif.

The size of the hotel is quite small, not exactly giving you the opportunity of a top class 5 star restaurant. However, you will feel relaxed as Bismi has air-conditioned rooms with pleasing décor that will make you feel at ease.

The restaurant is famous for its classic mutton dishes, and hence, you get the golden chance to savor the tastiest of freshly prepared mutton ever! The dishes are served according to certain timetables which is definitely one of the compelling peculiarity of the restaurant. For instance, the fresh mutton dishes are available from 8 in the morning to midnight. After 12 at night, you can make your choice between light dishes of egg roast and bread. Apart from this, you will have dosa, Mutta curry, and other South Indian specialties after midnight.

Located at the heart of the city just opposite to the police station, Bismi is always crowded and filled with people who love to experience their spicy and fresh mutton fish curry. The best part is that Ismail knows that the real taste of mutton lies in freshness and that’s why Bismi doesn’t serve frozen mutton. After 5’o clock in the evening, you will have the healthy soups of the liver, nijeli, and even the famous perattu dish.

So, stop wandering off in the streets of the city and come to Bismi to have a heartfelt meal after a tiring day.


Balarampuram, opposite to Police station

Timing:24 hours

Ring at:+919446996786

Parking:Available at a distance of 300 meters

Ambiance:AC rooms with cool and pleasing interior decors.