Appetizing & Flavoursome Chicken – Bismi Chicken Corner

Bismi Chicken Corner is a ‘must-stop’ food stop for all the foodies who travels to the Peroorkada route via Ambalamukku. It is popularly known as ‘Vembu Chetante Kada (Vembu Chetan’s Shop) in that area. But you better not dare to search around for this shop asking such nickname (Well that’s a risk you know! :P)

The main attraction of Bismi Chicken Corner is off course as the name suggests the many variants of chicken dishes. And the mouth-watering aroma of the food prepared here is sure to turn heads to this chicken-heaven.

I cannot move on without being poetic about two of their most enthralling recipes.

CHICKEN FRY: You would have had chicken fries from all the star hotels in and around Trivandrum. But let me say if you are an ardent fan of ‘Nadan chicken Fry’ (Traditional chicken fry) then this hotel is going to top your hit list with their magic in the chicken fry that they serve to you topped up with onions and chilly. This Chicken fry is the Best Seller of Bismi and it finishes within seconds after its made.  So you could count infinite batches of chicken fries being parceled right in front of your eyes while having it.

CHICKEN PERATTU: The first runner up after chicken fry! It is different from the chicken perattu that you get from other hotels in colour and texture (unlike that dry chicken perattu  you get from there) And trust me this chicken perattu is sure to make a deadly combo with Idiyappam or Orotti.

Keep your expectations low on the ambience of this small hotel but it will surely give your taste buds a big treat

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