It’s usual for us to talk about foodspots in the city but when it comes to the outskirts of the city we fall behind a bit. One   such eatery is “Vazhiyorakada”,located at Kilimanoor on MC road which connects the major districts of Kerala.Restaurants on the MC road stretch can afford to serve stale food and can also afford to keep their premises dirty as they will anyway get their share of customers. But that’s where “Vazhiyorakada” stands out neat,clean and tidy to the core this outlet is,be it their kitchen or even their toilet. Good food makes this spot a travellers obvious choice,tasty food makes this a food lovers best choice and for celebrities this is an outlet which they see as a celebrity and more often visit for its taste!If you are travelling through this route in the afternoon hours hop in for meals which is quite  a famous try from here.

Meals are served in Banana Leafs with tasty side dishes,”Puliserry” served here with meals is a heavenly taste for the tastebuds.Parippu,Pappadam,Aviyal and Ghee and a tinch of each of those side dishes makes every minute of your lunch tasteworthy!All of these carry a heavenly and homely taste!When it comes to lunch fish is a must try for Non Vegetarians and this spot offers a good variety of tasty fishes!”KanavaThoran” available at this spot is rich in taste and comes with a mix of Ginger, Coconut ingredients and garlic, a special preparation Indeed!

Karimeen is another stand out try at this place and comes with a special masala which makes your heart mind and tastebuds sing along with joy while having it! Chicken dishes too serve its purpose of tasting great at this spot and tender fried chicken is a speciality here which comes with a special masala mix as well,a secret known only to their chefs! Another stand out factor at this spot is the fact that they don’t freeze chicken to keep it fresh they directly collect chicken and duck from kudumbasree outlets and nurture them in their own farm and on a daily basis as per requirement cut them fresh for use. Some other sea food delicacies also add speciality to their menu like “Prawn Fry” which is clean and tasty, “Crab” well cooked and available as a gravy type delicacy,”Neymeen Fry” which is tasty soft and tender to eat! Good food comes with good culture and Vazhiyorakada comes with a rich heritage of good food culture. Traditional woodfire model is used for cooking here, big containers and vessels used for cooking varies based on the dishes. They have got big multiple kitchens which takes care of their different set of activities. Oil used over here is fresh and never re used for cooking purposes. They have got plenty of staff who ensure not just the food eating premises but also the kitchen and surrounding area are kept clean as well! If you are reaching this spot by evening hours you get to try “MakkaniTea” and “Ilayada”.They don’t use the normal packed milk instead fresh milk from farms are used! Even the making of tea here is an art to watch! People wanting tasty natural fresh and homely food make your way to

“Vazhiyorakada” ,Mahesh and his team are waiting to serve you good food here. ”Vazhiyorakada” is a feeling to be experienced if you are a food lover, a feeling of good food,greatculture,immense freshness and cleanliness to the core!