Lie back on one of the comfortable chairs and experience the movie like never before. Feel the power and beauty of 4K projection and 64 channel Dolby Atmos.AriesPlex SL Cinemas, the redesigned SL Theaters, guarantees the best possible movie experience to a film hungry crowd.

Movie lovers were dazzled by the makeover that the 35-year-old film complex had experienced. “The experience would be entirely unexpected from whatever individuals have had previously. The 64 channel Dolby Atmos sound framework brings alive the unpretentious sounds and maneuvers you into the wizardry of movie. The independently controlled speakers alongside the five-way framework introduced instead of the typical three-way arrange guarantees goosebumps. The 64 channel is again a first in South India. The two fold 4K projection is one more ponder that the remodeled SL films endowments to movie goers.

Aries Plex had earned the most elevated single films film industry accumulation for SS Rajamouli directorial Bahubali:The prequel, Baahubali-The Beginning, which was released in 2015, had netted Rs 14 crore from the Screen One of the AriesPlex Cinemas It had turned into the main performance center in India to create an incredible income of Rs 3 crore in a short span of time.Team Baahubali additionally exhibited a honor of thankfulness to the administrators for offering the best movie viewing experience by retaining the original quality in which the film was shot.Ariesplex dedicated no less than one show for Baahubali 2 for a year considering the huge demand of the audience who have been flooding from even other states to experience the movie in 4K resolution wide screen.

Aries Plex has been decreed the best ‘changed over theater’ in the nation at the ‘BigCineExpo’ held in Chennai.