All of us have a nostalgic attachment to the food made by our mothers. We often say that we can never get that taste which equally blends spices and love in any other restaurant. But, Ammachi hotel proves us wrong with each morsel taking us on a trip down the lanes of nostalgia. The hotel is known for its simple yet delectable menu prepared by mother and son duo – Shanthi and Saji. They have been serving satisfied customers for the last fifteen years from their small outlet near Pettah railway station. Originally it was called Hotel Krishna but over the years, but later it became known as Ammachi hotel.

Some of us are put off by eating at small establishments due to the consensus that the food will not be hygienic and healthy. However, Ammachi hotel proves naysayers wrong by providing quality food at a nominal rate. They are also not shy with the quantity and customers always leave with their stomachs and heart full beaming around in happiness. Regulars say that they get both quality and quantity at Ammachi hotel.

Hot steaming rice is served on banana leaf with the usual Kerala side dishes, Kappa, a huge chunk of fried fish and delicious fish gravy. The day’s specials usually include tuna, prawns, and mackerel.Saji reveals that they procure their banana leaves all the way from Thoothukudi while the rice used is a particular brand called Kalyana rice from Chalai. They never compromise on quality and always use the day’s catch of fish which is purchased and prepared each day. The modest hotel is popular among government officials and has even served ministers and films stars.


Naalumukku, Near Pettah Railway station.

Must Try

Meals, Fish Fry and Fish gravy with Kappa


Opens at 7 am and shuts doors at 10 pm all days.

Parking Space

The hotel is quite small, and patrons need to park their vehicles on the road side.


The eatery resembles a small size thattukada or shanty near the railway station. It is small and has basic decor.

Seating Arrangements

It has basic wooden tables and chairs. The place gets a little congested during peak lunch hours