For a majority of us the love for Biriyani started out of attending wedding functions and then whenever we visit a restaurant we are reminded of the taste of the wedding biriyani and  end up ordering a biriyani to rewind that taste again!”Ajwa” located at Panavila Junction in Trivandrum is a Biriyani Lovers paradise and offers you the best authentic Thalassery dum biriyani in the city! Certain names become the best brands through word of mouth and Ajwa is the best biriyani brand in the city! Every successful taste will have a story to tell and so does Ajwa! Muhamed Naushad O.K who hails from Kannur, one of the managing partners of Ajwa restaurant gives us a glimpse into how Ajwa was born, he says that for weddings in their family they used to prepare food by arranging cooks and the responses to the quality and taste of food were truly overwhelming then. It is at this point of time that Mujeeb Shamsudeen a friend of Naushad suggested why not conduct a Dum Biriyani festival in the capital city of Kerala. The fest was done and the taste of this Biriyani got imprinted in the hearts and minds of the people of Trivandrum. This successful event inspired in setting up a takeaway counter in the city for their Biriyani and they fondly titled it as “Ajwa” which refers to anexpensive dates made in Saudi Arabia.Mujeeb,Noushad and their friends MammoottyKeyi C.N and Abdul Razak A.C were the main men behind this initiative. The success of the takeaway counter took them to the next big step of setting up the first Ajwa restaurant in the city in the year 2012.For a Biriyani lover Ajwa offers Mutton,Chicken and Vegetable Biriyani, each of them comes with a mesmerising taste and are priced at 190,160 and 130 respectively. Adding variety to their menu is the fish biriyani which is available only from 12 pm in the afternoon. Chicken fry priced at 150 per plate is also a speciality at this spot. Mutton and chicken biriyani specials are also available here, these cost a bit more as they offer more in terms of quantity. Lemon tea available here will give you the soothing effect and will quench your thirst as well, this is priced at 10 rupees. The smell and aroma of ghee and good quantity chicken pieces available in the biriyani too give this dish a heavenly feel. Sweet and sour pickle and salad served as side dish make this a deadly combo not to be missed while at Trivandrum! 2019 marks the 6th year of Ajwa in Trivandrum and ask any Trivandrumite and they will openly honestly and lovingly say that Ajwa is the best authentic Thalaserry dum biriyani in the city! You don’t need to travel kilometres to get this taste anymore as”Ajwa” is right here in the capital city of Trivandrum.Long live Ajwa and its taste and Glory!


 No-114 Kalabhavan Mani Road, Near, Women’s College Rd, Thycaud

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